2017 Wedding Trend: Greenery & Lots Of It

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Each and every year an onset of new wedding trends hits both the internet and countless bridal magazines, providing inspiration for brides and wedding planners alike. From there, a wave of a specific trend soon hits the real-life wedding scene, and we often times find ourselves in love with new wedding fashion styles, décor and color schemes as a result.

The year 2017 is proving to be the “Year of Greenery” for wedding ceremonies and receptions, and brides are getting very creative on how to incorporate this into their big day. Pantone has announced Greenery as the color of the year, and its symbolic meaning of “new beginnings” fits effortlessly into wedding themes.

The greatest thing about greenery being so in style is that it is also an inexpensive and cost effective option when considering décor and floral arrangements. Simple yet stunning seems to be the direction that most 2017 weddings are taking, and we are here for it!

From color pallets, to foliage and flower arrangements, let’s break down incorporating greenery in a tasteful, stunning way.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Skip the over-the-top sparkly bouquets and boutonnieres, and opt for a stripped down version that will still make a statement. Many brides and grooms are choosing to go with simple leaves, branches and palm pieces fashioned into wearable pieces of art. We are loving Lily Grass and Baby Eucalyptus to be exact.


Foliage Arrangements

Foliage has often times been considered an after thought or filler in the past, but not this year! In 2017, foliage has become the main act, and our wallets our thanking us for that.

Simple foliage is being made the focal point at the ceremony alter as hanging or cascading greenery, and even being added to naked cakes to add color and vibrancy. Long, dramatics pieces of green leaves effortlessly hanging from a few aisle chairs makes for a timeless look, while adding a pop of color to white or brown décor. Foliage can also be utilized as an elongated centerpiece for farmhouse style dinner tables and settings, acting as a runner positioned along the middle of the table.

Incorporate Succulents

Need we say more?

We are absolutely in love with incorporating succulents in all shapes and forms into weddings. From cake decorations to take-home wedding favors, these versatile plants lend themselves so well to event planning. Succulents also tend to be less expensive than most floral options depending on the type, so you may luck out with savings here as well.


Wedding Stationery & Invites

Just like the décor, simple yet stunning wedding invitations are the route many couples are choosing to take when considering their own invites. White or cream colored paper with subtle green leaf accents are becoming more and more popular.

Want the look? Take a peak at Paper Hive Studio’s offerings to fit right in with the trend, while still staying unique:


Wedding Party Attire

Complete the look by tastefully selecting green bridesmaid dresses and possibly ties for the groomsmen as well. No, we aren’t talking 80’s neon green fashion. Instead, think more muted and cooler tones of green.

This same design style goes into flower crowns for the bridal party. Stick to ordering simple crowns with minimal floral pieces incorporated. When designing crowns, think a plethora of leaves with one statement floral strategically positioned by your florist.

For bridesmaids, we are loving long and flowing dresses in various shades of green paired together. This adds a level of uniqueness while still keep uniformity. For the guys, if green colored ties are a bit much for you, the greenery within the boutonnieres will tie in perfectly to the color scheme, so no need to fret.

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